About Me

I was born in the latter half of the last century in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My family moved to the town of Grimshaw, Alberta when I was about two years old, and when I was nine we moved from that town to a farm about eight kilometers away.

When I was 17 I left home to attend university and never returned, living in a few locations in Alberta over the next 24 years. I spent a year in Camrose, a couple of summers in Whitecourt, 5 years in Bon Accord, and the rest of the time in Edmonton. I recently moved to Vancouver, after having stayed here for several months spanning numerous vacations.

I spent 8 years at university, emerging with a BA Honours and MA in English Literature, as well a B.Ed. Over the ensuing 15 years I worked as a teacher, mostly of junior high Information Processing and English Language Arts, but for a couple of years I was a Technology teacher at an elementary school, responsible for kindergarten to grade 6 computer classes as well as staff training.

Since I was in grade five, and throughout my years in education, I’ve also considered myself a writer, of poetry mostly, but also stories, essays, and songs. Part of the reason I took a leave of absence from my teaching position and moved to Vancouver is so I could focus more time on my writing without the never-ending distraction of planning lessons, marking, and extra-curricular functions.

… to be continued


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